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JOBLI makes it simple for people with disabilities to contact suitable jobs. it is a smart employment matching app, designed for special needs populations. 
JOBLI allows employers and job seekers to characterize themselves with a few YES and NO clicks. It then calculates the user’s profile and ranks open jobs according to suitability.

Job hunting requires skills people with disabilities often struggle to achieve. 

Typing, reading, searching the web - require assitance and mediation, creating dependency and frustration. 



The gap in employment between disabled and non-disabled people over the past 20 years


Of workforce age people with disabilities are UNEMPLOYED.

400,000 people


The ratio of unemployment for people with disabilites






believe they could find a job when they need to


Do not believe they can improve  their economic status

JOBLI grants independence.

Applying for a job of your choice - with one touch, saving months of welfare coordination.

Preventing the discomfort of unfit employment opportunities - A person in a wheelchair can avoid an interview in a building without an elevator, and the hearing impaired can easily find  loud working environments, where they have an advantage. 

JOBLI is great for employers too.
It connects employers with high-quality workforce, promotes successful employer branding, and creates inclusive work environments.

1,500,000,000$/ Year

Israeli economy growth potential  (est.) by employment of people with disabilities


Valuable time savings for families and NGO’s worth

Diversity & Inclusion

As more jobs and users use JOBLI, profiling and matching will improve - facilitating an inclusive employment society.

JOIN our effort! get employers you know to sign up! get people with disabilities to create a profile.


AKIM Israel is one of the largest NGO's in Israel aimed to support  and promote people with disabilities. Developing JOBLI with AKIM guarantees Technological accessibility to our clients, while practicing professional, advanced and close connection to people with disabilities in Israel.


לקראת סיום פיתוח ראשוני, JOBLI מחפשת שותפים להמשך הפיתוח ושיווק המוצר ועד לשלב ההפצה.

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